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Harness the power of your iOS device. Build Bigger ideas together.

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Build bigger ideas together


Capture your inspiration, live

Your WrkBench is a fully-personalizable platform to sketch out and organize your ideas whenever they come to you, with complete freedom. You’ll find hundreds of tools to choose from.


Collaborate without limits

Improve, annotate and discuss ideas together within your WrkBench - wherever your team is. And when you’re all together, propietary mobile-to-mobile collaboration technology means you don’t need data to make progress.

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Turn abstract thinking into concrete plans using collaborative project management tools. Assign task owners, make decisions together and easily share updates without ever leaving your WrkBench.


Personalize Everything

Apple-level security, thumbprint authentication and game-changing permissions mean the ideas being built in your WrkBench are completely safe at all times.

Innovation through

Aran Potkin

Strategy Director & Partner BBH

WrkBench means our Creative and Strategic teams can literally BUILD brands from the foundations upwards, layer-by-layer. We've never seen anything like this before. It's not an app - it's a tool.

Inspiration happens when you have space to think, so why do “collaboration tools” put ideas in boxes ? WrkBench powers creativity by redefining collaboration. It exists to let you develop more beautiful, more connected ideas. It puts all your tools and inspiration in one shared, customisable space. Because we believe great ideas are made together - Arjun, the Founder

The WrkBench team

Keith Williams

I build products

The problem with most collaboration is that it just isn't efficient! The magic of ideas gets lost as you're transcribing meeting notes, waiting for wi-fi and organising folders. We built WrkBench so that people can collaborate whenever and wherever they get inspired, with or without data. We're removing the barriers between people.

Arjun Rai

I build ideas

Craftsmen make beautiful things by using the right tool for the right job. But when teams work together to craft ideas, the tools they use are one-size-fits-all and limiting. WrkBench changes that. It's a platform where the goal is to provide teams with the right tools for working together - no matter the project or the scale of their ambitions.

David Chavez

I build experiences

WrkBench is designed to help teams turn inspiration into action better. It's one place where you can capture, develop and share ideas across their life cycle. It's collaboration without the friction.

Stoyan Daskaloff

I build interfaces

Creativity needs freedom - and creative people need free environments to collaborate. But most "collaboration" applications only help you organize the results of a creative session. WrkBench is designed to power that session. It's a completely personalizable shared platform in the palm of your hand. It's a new way to work together.

"WrkBench was developed in New York by a creative technology team trying to work together better. Our closed beta is for people who can help us take what we've built to the next level, and change collaboration forever."

Santiago Gaviria

Joshua Ortega

Elizabeth Derr

Theodor Ditchek